“Are You Struggling to meet your Education Costs?”

We understand that often life gets in the way of meeting your obligations.  There are so many financial demands on families these days that often the last thing on your mind (and as such the last thing to get paid) are your education costs.

Do you have Education Debts?

If you have unpaid school fees or are unable to meet your future school fees obligations, we can help.

It’s been said before that it takes a Village to raise a Child. Now you can invite your own “village” to contribute towards the costs of educating your Children.

How Can Feesable Help?

Our Feesable Crowdfunding application helps you to meet your obligations by encouraging your close family and friends  to contribute towards your educational costs .

Here’s how it will work when the platform is live:

  • Register for an account
  • Invite your friends and family to join your own village group on the platform
  • Use the platform to send out notifications to your contacts of events in your life that offer an opportunity for others to contribute towards your educational costs.

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